utah part 2

Zion was mystical, but it was time to move north to see what else Utah had up her sleeve. Brian’s sister lives outside of Park City, Utah in a little town called Midway. She invited us to stay on her driveway so we could play with her family. We made our way north and what a stark difference from southern Utah! A couple of hours on the road and all of a sudden the red rocks turned into rolling hills that turned into beautiful mountains. As Southern Californians, we aren’t used to seeing much other than everything turning brown in early June so there was a lot of: look! snow! look! green hills! Driving from Provo to Midway felt like we were entering a fairy tale. Driving with the Wasatch mountains on either side of us, winding roads, waterfalls right on the side of the highway the Provo river rushing by left us all in awe.

Our time spent with Colleen and her family was filled with hikes, working on a tree fort, riding bikes, searching for beaver damns {the first ones we had EVER seen!}, watching osprey soar through the sky and enjoying one another’s company. Having Colleen as a sister in law is such a gift and getting to spend a week with her was something we all will hold dear to our heart.



Brian and I got to enjoy a night out in Park City and what a darling ski town it is! We had a yummy dinner and enjoyed walking through the streets and savoring our time with another {ok, and walking off our drinks since Utah is a no tolerance state}.

Northern Utah was beautiful, filled with intentional conversations, fun and adventure. And so, the journey continues.


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